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Getting It Up For Organizing

Sounds like a Viagra commercial, doesn’t it? Sorry to disappoint. I’m taking about initiation. It’s tough for people to who are challenged by disorganization to initiate organizing especially if it’s not intrinsically rewarding to you. Borrowing a page from the ADD playbook, the reason initiation can be hard for some people is that initiation, an executive function of the brain, may be lacking.

I teach my clients who find it hard to get organizing efforts started to use the following tips:

  1. Get into a more stimulating setting – A coffee shop, local resta

urant, or even a hotel lobby. The trick is to find a place not too distracting.

  1. Fit the task into your natural rhythm. Maybe you need to put the dishes away before you organize your desk.

  2. Leverage procrastination. Procrastination works because it builds up adrenalin and shoots endorphins into the brain but that can be bad for your health if done too often. So use it wisely.

  3. Break the task down. Even doing a part of a task can get you going.

  4. Invest yourself in the project or task. Reframe it as a personal challenge.

  5. Build in a really satisfying personal reward.

  6. Avoid “all or nothing” thinking. Little steps count!

  7. Try brief physical exercise before taking on an organizing project.



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