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Presentation Testimonials

On behalf of NAPO-NNJ, I’d like to thank you for presenting at our chapter meeting on June 22, 2015. It was a huge success and I’ve received tons of positive feedback. We all learned a lot and enjoyed getting to know you better. I personally look forward to crossing paths with you in the future. I am inspired by your success and hope that as I continue my business I will also be able to share and support others in the industry. Thank you again – Andrea Walker, President, NAPO-NNJ

Thank you so very much for sharing such a great presentation/topic with both NAPO-NNJ and the virtual chapter. It was very informative with real take-aways we can all immediately use! – Jill Iorio, All Wrapped Up

Casey Moore, The Productivity Coach writes: Judith, congratulations on getting recognized with an award named after you. As ICD’s founder and visionary, you have created a legacy that will touch lives for years to come. When I contemplate the ripple effects you’ve generated…people reading your books, telling others, taking ICD training or using its resources, improving their clients’ lives, clients improving their own and their loved ones…it’s astounding.

I hope you let yourself feel joy for what you’ve done: You have altered the trajectory of an industry for the better and helped so many.

On behalf of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals, we want to thank you for your participation and attendance at our Annual Conference and Organizing Exposition. Your expertise and contributions through your presentation were a valuable addition and helped to make the conference a great success. Five is the highest rating. The average speaker rating from your session, The Next Big Thing, was 4.7

Attendees at Orvention, the organizing convention of organizers from The Netherlands, enjoyed your excellent speaking style and energetic and engaging presentation. It was clear, funny, easy to relate to, very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Thank you for helping to make our conference a great success and for being our closing keynote speaker. – Conference Chairs, Ingrid van der Locht & Maarten Hoevenaars

Judith Kolberg is a great professional organizer, author, speaker and pioneer. I have tremendous respect for her and think of her as a role model. Her knowledge and experience educated and inspired us. She is not only a savior to people who are disorganized but a teacher and mentor to the Life Organizers in Japan.

I have great admiration for the work you have done with chronic disorganization and really enjoyed hearing you speak. You have a sharp mind and a great sense of humor. – Julie Morgenstern, Task Masters

Thank you so much for such an excellent series! Your information was on target, informative and very complete. Our employees are so much better for having been exposed to your expertise. – Krys Moskal, Vice President, Pearson People Development

On behalf of The Hudson Institute and all our coaches, THANK YOU for your stimulating, thought-provoking and very useful lecture. The coaches found great value in the discussion. The depth of knowledge and your passion for the topic made for a great time together. — Pamela McLean, Ph.D., CEO, The Hudson Institute

On behalf of the CHADD Conference Committee and the Board of Director, we would like to thank you for your important contribution to the Annual CHADD International Conference. Your presentation helped further our mission. – Anne Teeter Ellison, Ed.D., CHADD President

On behalf of the ADDA-Southern Region, I want to thank you for being our featured speaker. Your presentation was a great interest to all our attendees. The evaluations spoke highly of the event and the material offered. Thank you. – Pam Esser, Executive Director, ADDA-SR

Thank you for a fantastic job all around. Everyone I have talked to felt they gained a lot and were inspired by your presentation.  The Board is very pleased. Books sales also went well. Again, many thanks. – Denise Allan, Public Relations, National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (Seattle chapter.)

Judith was a fabulous guest. She was personable, shared a tremendous amount of information and the audience loved her. As a foremost expert on chronic disorganization, she was able to share aspects of the business many organizers were unfamiliar with. – Stephanie Calahan, Calahan Solutions, Inc

I loved your presentation! Thank you for giving of yourself and your time. – Nadine Levy, MPA, Management 180°

Your presentation was worth the entire trip to the conference. Your information is incredibly on target. Great job…very inspiring.– Kimberly Vlah, President, Organized Environments.

Thanks for your wonderful presentation at our professional development seminar. We all had a warm and wonderful, educating experience for which we are very grateful. – Gayle Gruenberg, CPA, President, Northern New Jersey Chapter, National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals

On behalf of Coach Training International-ADHD Community, we would like to thank you very much for taking the time to speak to your group. Your presentation was clear, concise, extremely informative, valuable, and enjoyed by all. – Cindy Giardina, Deb Bollom and Dan Pruitt, CTI-ADHD

I just wanted to say how terrific your speech was at the NAPO-Greater Washington D. C. My friend and I made the trip from New York and it was well worth it! You have a wonderful sense of humor and are a great speaker. – Diana Soll, Grand Solutions

We are very grateful for your contribution to the Organize2Succeed@Work Conference. You gave an excellent presentation. We received positive feedback from the attendees including ‘Your great sense of humor and insight kept the interest level up. The session seemed to fly by’. – Jane Scheidnes, Organize2Succeed@Work Steering Committee

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