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Judith Kolberg - Book Coach


What Can You Expect From Judith Kolberg, Book Coach?

Book coaching is an excellent way for a writer to get a book project out of their head and into the world. Think of your book coach as your first reader. You want to capture the reader’s attention right away and keep them engaged right to the end. Content editing is the process of deeply reviewing your draft writing for clarity of meaning, flow, segues, interest, and readability; all the things that make your book the best it can be for your reader.*


  • Content editing also solves the problem of what material goes where by organizing your thoughts, ideas, notes, and research so the organization of your book’s chapters and parts makes sense.

  • We make sure you have a great book title and subtitle, author’s bio, and, crucially, the right text and testimonials on your back cover.

  • Authors also use my book coaching service to clarify their book concept; to sharpen exactly what the book is about and for whom it is written.

  • You might be the kind of person who needs structure or accountability to meet your writing goals. We can establish that too.

What Experience Do I Have as a Book Coach?

I have personally authored seven books with over half a million sales in 5 countries. I have self-published and traditionally published. My books are tangible, converted to ebooks and born-digital. But most importantly, I have a great track record bringing other people’s books to publication. I have provided book coaching services to nine authors and helped to bring six of them to publication. Two of my authors are award-winners! Take a look at the authors, books and testimonials here.


What Is the Book Coaching Process?

Book coaching sessions are conveniently done by phone and email and Zoom or some combination. Your content is read and reviewed and edited regularly, as you write. We can work via Zoom, by phone, email and in-person observing COVID protocols.


Typically, you would send me your writing by email. I would read it and edit it using Word Markup (or I can indicate the changes in a different color if you don’t know how to use Word Markup.) I send it back to you via email. Then we set up a phone session to go over the edits. That said; no book project is typical. Some authors have written an entire draft manuscript and sent that to me electronically to edit. Others write a chapter or a few pages at a time. I have even had authors snail-mail me hardcopy to edit. The point is there is always a collaborative back and forth until the writing is exactly what you want whether you decide to publish the book yourself or submit sample chapters in a book proposal to a traditional book publishing company. 

What Is the Cost for Book Coaching?

To this: Book coaching is reasonably priced and there are no long-term commitments or contracts. And I never take royalties, commissions or percentages on the sale of your book. Give a call today at 404-226-1381 and let’s talk about your book project, the process, and the cost.

Submit your idea for review and I will contact you to discuss options for coaching and costs

Coaching Testimonials

Everything I Learned About Perfectionism

My book would not have been possible without your skillful coaching. You believed in me even when I did not believe in myself. Like a true coach, you kept me on task, moved me along and led me to completion. Thanks for your guidance, patience and persistence!

Debbie Jordan Kravitz,

Everything I Learned About Perfectionism

I Learned From My Breasts

*Content editing is different than copyediting, sometimes known as proofreading. It’s not about grammar, punctuation, and spelling per se, though plenty of that is improved while your content is reviewed.

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