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Coaching Testimonials

aneurysm finding hope.jpg

Thank you for making such a difference in my first book experience. Having a coach as my ‘first reader’ was invaluable in helping me clarify the awkward spots and expand the details. Your positive book coaching style and encouragement gave me the confidence I needed to move forward in preparing my manuscript for publication.

Carolyn Driver Lee,

Aneurysm: Finding Hope When Fear and Faith Collide ~ A Memoir.

Everything I Learned About Perfectionism

My book would not have been possible without your skillful coaching. You believed in me even when I did not believe in myself. Like a true coach, you kept me on task, moved me along and led me to completion. Thanks for your guidance, patience and persistence!

Debbie Jordan Kravitz,

Everything I Learned About Perfectionism

I Learned From My Breasts

The Professional Organizers Bible.jpg

I want to thank Judith Kolberg, my publishing guru, coach and professional inspiration who helped make this book possible

Ramona Creel

The Professional Organizer’s Bible

Everything in its Own Time.png

I could not have written the book without you. Many, many thanks.  – 2011 Next Generation Indie Book winner.

Rebecca Patton Falco

Everything In Its Own Time

Dementia of the Minds But Not of the Hea

This book has been a journey of love. The whole process has been guided by my book coach, Judith Kolberg. Our meetings were invaluable for keeping me on track every step of the way.

Eugene Vezina

Dementia of the Mind But Not of the Heart

Sunday Confessions.png

Judith read my manuscript and left little stickie notes throughout the document. Her notes contained questions about issues I had left unanswered to me readers. This was invaluable to me.

Rebecca Patton Falco

Sunday Confessions

Simaple Guide to an Organized

Having Judith as a coach is priceless. Her insight and experience are invaluable. Book coaching has made a tremendous impact on my writing career. If you want progress, Judith is the coach!

Patricia Diesel

A Simple Guide to an Organized Life

Confessions of an ADDiva.jpg

I’ve had a book inside me for a long time, finally it can come out. The accountability and structure feels great. – 2012 Next Generation Indie Book winner.

Linda Roggli, Confessions of an ADDiva

Flying Solo.jpg

Your comments and advice are so thoughtful and right on. I’m more focused and productive. Finally, my book is real.

Diane Quintana

Flying Solo: A Guide To Organizing Your Home When You Leave Your Parents’ Nest

The Young Adult’s Guide to Financial Suc

You did a terrific job putting together a marketing plan for my book. Sales are already up!

Ed Wolpert

The Young Adult’s Guide to Financial Success

From Vision To Victory.jpg

I could not have published without you. It’s as simple as that.

Jonda Beattie, From Vision to Victory

COVER w_CPO 5.24.21.jpg

I write well, am great at research and pretty much finish what I start. But this book project was not moving forward in a meaningful way. Then, I had the brilliant idea of hiring Judith Kolberg to work with me. We met weekly without fail to clarify ideas, conduct interviews, record and transcribe our conversations, review focus group notes, assimilate research materials – all of which Judith turned into a lovely narrative style of writing so perfect I could not tell where my voice ends and hers begins. Judith’s own books have achieved commercial success and so there was that added expertise. I’d recommend her to anyone. 

Regina F. Lark, Emotional Labor: Why A Woman’s Work is Never Done and What to do About it.

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