Thought-Leader Presentations

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The Gig Economy and the Organizing Industry:

Call them connected workers, freelancers, or mobile casual earners, according to economists gig workers constitute 20% of the US workforce. The emergence of Covid19 has both increased and hardened the gig economy. On the one hand, the flexibility of gig work is attractive. On the other hand it is quite unpredictable and can be stressful. How can we support our gig economy clients? And, are professional organizers and productivity consultants posed to be “gigified”? This is a fascinating and provocative presentation available virtually or live.  

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The On-Demand Lifestyle and the Organizing Industry:

We live in an on-demand society where goods and services can be procured in near-time whenever we want or need. Immediate access rules the day and has more value among our younger clients than price or quality. What happens when our clients trend away from “stockpiling” stuff and homes continue to get smaller. And, how do we help our clients cope with a complex matrix of delivery modes? Is “immediacy anxiety” really a thing? We’ll cover these topics in this thought-provoking presentation. 

Information Afterlife:

Digital society, powered by the internet of everything, with its websites and email accounts, cloud storage, social networks and mobile apps, and interconnectivity, produces an information afterlife that goes on after a person dies. Information afterlife includes digital profiles, passwords, codes, pin numbers and log-in information that can be exploited by unauthorized individuals, yet necessary for executors, POA’s and other authorized representatives. How can you help your clients manage their information afterlife to prevent cybercrime yet promote legit access? Can we make invisible assets and information visible? Is there a safe way to provide for data inheritance? We’ll answer these questions in this critical presentation.

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