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Organized For Disaster

Image by Marissa Grootes
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Disaster Prepared Professional Organizer Program (DPPO)*


The DPPO is designed to add basic home disaster preparedness to the service line and revenue stream of professional organizers and productivity consultants. The program consists of five modules that result in the issuance of the DPPO badge. You may use the badge on your website, email signature, social media or any other promotional avenues to distinguish you as a Disaster Prepared Professional Organizer.

The modules are delivered in real time via Zoom. Each class is 45 minutes with up to 15 minutes q/a. The cost is $1,000 payable by PayPal, Zelle, or Venmo.

Module One – The Family Communication Plan: Being out of touch with your loved one can be as stressful as the disaster itself. Learn how to communicate when the family is dispersed, the internet may be down or cell phones are unreliable. Find out which social media sites and apps are most useful. Know how turn your smart phone into an essential disaster communication tool.

Module Two – Hunkering Down (also called shelter-in-place). Your job is to make sure your family as safe and comfortable as possible for a minimum of 3 days perhaps without light, power, running water, or internet access. Learn precisely what supplies you need and how to shop for them. Find out safe and economical ways to stay warm/cool, and fed and hydrated. Know how to stow everything you need to hunker down.

Module Three – Get Out! Evacuation: Learn when it is time to evacuate and how to do it safely. Find out how to plan an evacuation route, and where and how to seek shelter. Know how to prepare a Grab and Go Bag and disaster prepare your car.

Module Four – Documentation: During a disaster, certain documentation becomes essential. Learn what you need to prove your identity, file for relief, obtain benefits, and handle your finances. Find out which documentation to have hardcopy, on your phone or in the Cloud.

Module Five - Marketing Yourself as a Disaster Prepared Professional Organizer: Learn how to leverage your current client relations to add disaster preparedness services. Find out how to reach new markets with your disaster preparedness specialty. Know the in’s and out’s of turning disaster preparedness knowledge into revenue.    


If you are interested in participating, kindly send an email to with DPPO in the Subject line.​ Or, use my contact form linked to the button below.

*Please note that the DPPO Program does not qualify or train you as a disaster preparedness professional. The Program leverages and customizes publicly available disaster information. That information is coupled with the skills of organizing and the experience of Judith Kolberg to create a logical extension of residential organizing into the area of home disaster preparedness.

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