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An exciting THOUGHT-LEADER in the organizing industry with the knowledge and understanding to educate, and to forecast trends.

An innovative BOOK COACH who can turn your knowledge and understanding into authorship!


What if you suddenly died or became incapacitated?  Would your Executor, Power of Attorney, family or other authorized representatives know about the existence of your “invisible” online and web-based accounts, the ones with no statements or paper trail? Do the right people know how to log-in into your vital accounts? While your family is planning your funeral and grieving your loss, criminals could be hijacking your Facebook account. Do you know how to protect your ‘information afterlife’, the digital information that goes on without you?

Become a Digital Estate Plan Consultant

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A Digital Estate Plan Consultant (DEPC) is an expert in the Digital Estate Plan (DEP). They are trained to create a DEP customized to their clients and customers. There are many benefits to adding ‘Digital Estate Plan Consultant’ to your professional credentials. Benefits of Being a DEPC

  • Provide a critical, cutting-edge service to clients and customers

  • Add more value to the services you currently offer

  • Discover a simple, low-tech way to extend your service line

  • Create an additional revenue stream

  • Enhance your credibility

  • Give your clients and customers peace of mind


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