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Revising Yourself

I was recently asked to write an article for Independent magazine, the journal of the Independent Book Publishers Association [See Article] which prompted me to reflect on my career. I recommend it highly, this reflecting on one’s career. For me, it reminded me of my entrepreneurial roots. And it’s a good thing, too because I have not been clever enough in business to retire without ever having to work again. So having an entrepreneurial outlook is coming in handy. There are plenty of things I can still do to earn and learn. I’m digging being a book coach, for example. Did you ever do that experiment as a kid where you took little seeds and stuck them in wet cotton until they germinated enough to be planted in soil? Well, anyway, blowing the seeds of a book out of an author’s head and onto paper and tending it with a caring editor’s hand is real fulfilling. I’m also developing Getting Organized in the Era of Uncertainty, my most recent stab at thought-leadership in the organizing industry. It may ultimately turn into a book. In the article you’ll see I am undertaking to revise one or two of my books. Being an entrepreneur is like that, a kind of editing and revision you do of yourself.



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