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Ask an expert: Hodge Podge: The Trouble with Categories


Ask an expert: Hodge Podge: The Trouble with Categories


It is so clear to most of us that certain items go together that we almost automatically categorize all the time: clothing goes in a bedroom or closet, salad bowls and forks in the kitchen, and nails with the hammer somewhere near other hardware. But here’s the thing. Some people seem not to have gotten the category-gene. In their home clothing could be anywhere, you might find a fork in the bathroom, a box of nails can turn up in the kitchen; books, toys, flashlights, stationary supplies – they are all a hodge-podge. What’s up? Some of us categorize differently than others. In this webinar you’ll hear interesting and funny stories of hodge-podgers. You’ll gain insight into the 4 reasons this occurs. And then you’ll learn the innovative ways even the worst hodge-podger can have an organized home.


Jan 18, 2023 12:00 PM in Eastern Time

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