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An Interview With Judith Kolberg


Did you know…

  1. Judith Kolberg’s books have sold over a quarter million copies.

  2. There is a sheik in Saudi Arabia who orders many of Judith Kolberg’s books every year.

  3. The Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) has a “Judith Kolberg” Award.

  4. Judith enjoys woods, oceans and mountains far from her computer.

Clutter Interrupted Radio episode #120 is about adults with chronic disorganization and/or ADD. Judith gives fascinating and helpful information that gives us a sense of hope as she reassures us that there is no shame in chronic disorganization and ADD. She shares strategies and little tricks to implement into your daily life that will help your situation.

You are reading this at this time in your life for a reason!

Click here to hear the interview.

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