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Help For Those Who Hoard

The mission of the Atlanta Hoading Task Force (AHTF), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is to make resources and services available to metro-Atlanta compulsive hoarders and their families. “We act as a coordinated response team providing experienced professional organizing, therapeutic support, education about compulsive hoarding, social work, and supplemental services like minor home repairs,” notes Judith Kolberg, the Director. The services are fee-based but the organization will use grants and fundraising to make the services affordable. It is estimated that 2%-4% of the adult population suffers from hoarding behaviors, such as excessive saving, excessive acquisition, and failure to discard. So far the AHTF has fielded 50 inquiries from agencies, individuals, or their families. “Our goal is to mitigate hoarding situations before they become safety or health hazards,” notes Kolberg.

To make a referral, book a speaker, or for more information, contact the AHTF at 404-231-6172, ext. 2, or

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